We work with corporate and government clients to identify pathways towards circular business models. 

While it is essential to shift to a new economic paradigm, it is also essential maintain economic stability in the transition.


Effective stakeholder engagement identifies opportunities to optimize overall value. 


We need a prosperous, restorative, shared value economy.


PraxisPoint Philosophy

  • With public sentiment and a physical world that is changing dramatically, we need an economy that flourishes in the new paradigm.
  • To prosper in our human world, our economic activities must support our basic and higher needs, and also align with the natural world. 
  • Our passion – and our business – is to find ways of maintaining robust economic activity while transitioning to a innovation driven, minimum waste, low-carbon economy.
  • Our journey has led us to explore subjects of triple bottom line, natural capitalism and breakthrough capitalism, biomimicry, industrial ecology, shared value and circular economy.
  • Our approach centres on shared value and embraces the circular economy model which properly reflects the natural world where there is no such thing as waste.

People understand this, but are perplexed by the challenges this approach presents to many businesses.  

Answers will be found in new business models, new technologies and new attitudes.  We work with our clients – and all stakeholders in their business areas – to explore all three of these factors.  

Meet Our Team


Julian Taylor


  • Decades of supporting the cleantech sector
  • Ten years in senior management role handling corporate strategy and planning for large integrated oil/gas/pipeline/services energy company
  • Engaged with numerous energy technology start-ups
  • Investment side analysis
  • Deep technical understanding of energy technologies (including market needs, etc.)
  • Experienced in strategy development and business planning in large, public, multi-business energy company
  • Close involvement with provincial government policy development on both low carbon energy and cleantech promotion

Peter Holt


  • Strong technical knowledge, experienced marine and aerospace engineer
  • Experienced in two “first of class” shipbuilding programs
  • Senior quality management executive
  • Executive interchange with Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  • Experienced international chair and facilitator
  • CEO of large not-for-profit (>$1M pa)
  • Strategic planning consultant
  • Positions of management responsibility in public, private and NFP sectors

Allan Gardner


  • Experienced manager, executive educator, planning and meeting consultant
  • Manager of Executive Decision Support Centre services for all sectors of the economy
  • Principal Consultant for facilitation services for an international centre for dialogue
  • Strategic Planning Consultant and Facilitator for numerous medium to large sized organizations
  • Manager of a western Canada service delivery organization
  • Executive education curriculum owner for a major international technology company
  • Business Process consulting and auditing  (North America, Europe and Asia)


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